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The internet should reward quality thinking, not clickbait. That’s why we’ve created a better home for writers, journalists and experts. It’s simple to use, free from ads, and connects you to curious, avid readers, so you can focus on what matters: putting your best work out there.

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We believe ideas are worth something

Writers should be paid for the quality of their ideas — not the attention they attract for advertisers. That’s why anyone can join the Medium Partner Program and earn money when Medium members read their stories.

Join the Medium Partner Program

How it works


Write something good

Share your thinking about something that matters to you. It can be short or long, serious or funny, reported or opinionated - it’s the quality of your perspective that counts.


Put your story to work

If you’d like to earn money through the Partner Program, make sure that you turn on your distribution and earnings setting when you publish your story.


Get recommended to readers

Our editorial team reviews thousands of stories every day. When a story meets our editorial standards, a curator will recommend it to readers interested in relevant topics across Medium.com, our app, and email digests.


Earn for your work

If you’re in the Partner Program, you’ll earn money when subscribing members read your work.


Get paid monthly

Each month, we’ll deposit your earnings into your bank account or debit card.


Expand your audience

Your story doesn’t end here. Keep writing about what you love to build and broaden your readership. We’ll help spread the word, too.

You’re rewarded by readers, not advertisers

Partner Program writers are paid based on how deeply Medium members read their work. As members read longer, writers earn more. In addition, we distribute a portion of each member’s subscription fee to the writers they read most each month.

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Why people love writing on Medium

Medium opens doors. I started out writing online with the sense that I was dropping sentences into the void. Medium showed me that people are listening, and that they care about what I have to say.

I love that Medium is trying to support art and writing without shoveling its users into the gaping maw that is the soul-crushing advertising machine.

I like the format, the layout, the clean feel of it. It’s easy and intuitive to write and read on Medium. There’s freedom to be weird, to experiment, to take risks, and I appreciate that. And there’s not pressure to deliver or hit target goals.

As a professional writer I am a hired gun: I don’t always get to pick my paycheck. But Medium is a place where I can be untethered from fashion and write what I want and hope others will read it.

Medium has been a huge step toward a more egalitarian internet that lets people tell their own stories and rewards them for doing so.

Medium is catering to those looking for fresh, authentic voices; looking for true and honest expressions of self. I believe wholeheartedly in their mission, and as a writer, their tools have allowed me to broaden my reach in a way I would have never thought I could.

Medium Editorial Guidelines

Make it yours

All writing and images must be your own, or must be used with permission or citation.

Keep it ad-free

Medium doesn’t accept advertising. Please don’t market yourself or other products, feature advertisements, or include requests for claps or donations.

Raise the bar

Medium readers seek depth and nuance. So we recommend publishing your best analysis, reporting, essays, and ideas - and avoiding listicles or fluff pieces.

We love quality ideas — and writing

Stories published on Medium should foster thinking that educates, inspires, and moves understanding forward. We’ve created some best practices to ensure everyone’s on the same page.

Full editorial guidelines

Readers crave smart, insightful thinking from diverse voices

Top authors, leading experts, and emerging storytellers write what they know and what they love on Medium - everything from op-ed and memoir to in-depth analysis and reporting. No two stories are alike. Here’s a sample of recent stories that members loved:
People are sharing ideas in a circle

Your story is worthy.

Join the Medium Partner Program

Frequently asked questions:

  • Do you need a Medium membership to publish in the Partner Program?

    No, you don’t have to be a paying Medium member to join the Partner Program and start earning. If you do subscribe to be a member, your monthly membership fees will directly support the writers whose stories you read.

  • How much will I make under the Partner Program?

    Partner Program writers are paid monthly based on how much time Medium members spend reading their stories. The longer members read, the more writers earn.

    In addition, part of each member’s subscription is distributed in proportion to their reading time every month. So if a member spent 10% of their time reading your story, you’d receive 10% of their revenue share.

  • How does the Partner Program work for publications?

    Publications are a vital part of Medium. Writers can earn money through the Partner Program and include their story in a publication at the same time. It will have no impact on how much they earn.

  • Can I add to or remove stories once they’re published under the Partner Program?

    Yes. You can add to or remove any story even if it’s already published. If you choose to edit a story after publishing, please keep our editorial guidelines in mind.

  • Can non-members read stories that are published through the Partner Program?

    Yes. Readers who aren’t yet members can access a select number of free stories per month, so your ideas still reach everyone on the internet. For unlimited stories, readers can upgrade to membership for $5 / month.

    However, you’ll only earn money when a subscribing member reads your story, or when a reader becomes a member within 30 days of reading your story.

  • Why did Medium create the Partner Program?

    We believe the current media model is broken and it’s time for a better system - designed for writers and readers, not advertisers. So we’re building a place where you can share ideas and get rewarded for the value they create.

  • How do I know if Medium is the right publishing platform for my work?

    We want to create a platform that rewards writers based on the quality of their insights, not the impressions they generate for ads. If you’re a passionate writer, thinker, or storyteller who wants to focus more on ideas and less on driving clicks, then we hope you’ll join us.