Apple vs. Google: Are They Really At War?

Stephen Perkins
Mar 29, 2018 · 11 min read

“This article is mostly meant to be educational while informing you of the fundamental differences between Apple and Google. I’ll discuss both company agendas, highlight some of the many projects Google is working on that others are not, and possibly help you look at things from a different perspective.”

Worldwide Appeal
I’m sure you’re all quite aware of the fact that Android and iOS are the two most dominant mobile operating systems around. Android recently surpassed Windows regarding the total number of users, which makes it the most popular operating system in the world.

It has taken many years to accomplish, but the dramatic shift from a desktop driven environment to a mobile-based one certainly helped Google make this a reality. Most of us are now using our smartphones more than ever!

Android Is The Most Well Known OS In The World (Pixabay)

Let’s not forget about Apple — they are one of the most successful tech companies in the world and won’t be going anywhere either. According to a GlobalStats chart, iOS currently claims around 56% of the United States mobile market share, which is impressive!

It appears to have increased by a few percentage points from last year — mostly thanks to the wildly successful launch of the iPhone 8 in particular. They sold somewhere around 46.7 million units in the final quarter of 2017!

Apple Still Holds Its Own In The U.S. Market (Pixabay)

The U.S. is undoubtedly Apple’s single most valuable market, which means they’ll be trying their best to hang onto those numbers as long as possible. As far as the overall worldwide market share goes — Android has a significant lead over iOS (About 74% vs. 21%). How did Google do it? With a lot of time, dedication, customer appeal, and a clear game plan.

Apple’s Point of View
When you hear the Apple name, you usually think about premium products and services, right? It took decades of hard work and persistence to associate the brand name with the top tier status we know of today. They are also well known for keeping their operating systems locked down to maintain a smooth and well-restricted ecosystem for their users.

The Apple Name Means A Premium Product (Pixabay)

By doing this, it gives them a constant control over how the user interacts with their platform, which has been proven to provide an overall better experience for many. System updates are incredibly consistent, while their customer service gets much praise for being some of the best out there.

About 73% Of iPhones Are Running The Latest iOS Verison (GlobalStats)

One company that makes all device models is much easier to maintain than having multiple manufacturers with multiple devices. As you can imagine, having a limited number of devices allows their customer service staff to give the best support they possibly can.

Apple Strives For Excellence (Pixabay)

Running a closed ecosystem means a lot of good things for the customer, but there’s also an essential trade-off that others should be aware of as well. It’s either “Apple’s way or no way” regarding user freedom.

For example, if they don’t want you to use a particular product or service, they can easily restrict your access without question at any given time.

Apple Products Work Well Together (Pexels)

They are in control of your devices, not you — that’s the price you pay for getting involved in the Apple ecosystem. As long as you don’t mind playing by their rules, the experience is going to be a pleasant one for the most part. Everything works, the devices are highly optimized, and the operating system is easy to navigate — that’s the Apple way!

Apple Has Your Devices Locked Down (Pixabay)

Google’s Point of View
Google started out by rocking our world as the number one search engine around! We were all searching for and looking up anything and everything we could online.

Here we are today — Google is still the number one place to search for all things online. That’s something we knew wouldn’t ever change in a million years. Ask someone to look something up online, what do you tell them to do? “Google it.”

The Search Engine We All Know And Love (Pixabay)

They’ve taken that very same concept and applied it to when we are searching for videos online. YouTube is the world’s largest online video platform, which has millions upon millions of videos to be viewed at any given time.

What do we always tell someone to do when we want them to look up a video online? “Check out this video on YouTube.” Another score by Google — we now also associate video with their company name.

We Associate Online Videos With YouTube (Pixabay)

As you can tell from the brief history of Google, they have revolved their company continuously around software and services over hardware. Google knows how to make stellar software that offers their users the best experience others can’t seem to replicate.

Google’s Pixel 2 Phones (CNET)

They started experimenting with their own devices under the Nexus program years ago. As of late 2016, they have officially evolved that idea into the Pixel hardware line. These new Pixel phones immediately started turning heads because of the new concept of “Made By Google."

Thanks to the recent Pixel business deal between Google and HTC — Google can now design, develop, and build everything on their own without input from a manufacturer. That means we are guaranteed to get the absolute best Android experience possible through Google’s very own vision.

Google Acquired The Pixel Team, Most Of HTC’s Smartphone Division, & Their Patents For $1.1 Billion (PetaPixel)

Since Google was a software-only company at the beginning, having an official hardware line was not possible until the Pixel and HTC business deal came along. We’re about to find out what this means in 2018 with their new Pixel 3 devices, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens going forward.

The momentum that Apple built up over the past few decades with their hardware — Google is working on accomplishing that in just a few short years. No small feat!

Not Being Locked Down To One Brand Is Nice (Pixabay)

The purpose of Android is to give their users freedom, flexibility, and the power of choice over their devices. That choice means the users have much more authority over their devices, rather than being controlled by a company. Google provides the operating system and allows any hardware manufacturer to make whatever kind of gadget they see fit.

It’s the perfect game plan since it creates more choice, which is always a good thing for the consumer! It’s difficult to make one or two devices that every single person would like, so that’s a plus for Android users.

Who’s At War?
The only war it seems is that of the users themselves. The fans are causing all the ruckus when it comes to the arguments on whose platform is superior. We should all be able to pick what we want without being judged or bullied by others.

Everything is all preference based, which means what works for some might not be appealing to others. Let’s not forget — what you like and what works best for you is the only thing that matters. There is no right or wrong answer, so don’t let others boss you around!

Humans Like To Argue About Nothing (Pixabay)

Isn’t it funny though? The general public is the troublemaker here, not the actual companies themselves. Apple and Google have never been at war with one another — instead, both companies are off doing their own thing without letting the other dictate what happens next.

There’s always going to be the competition factor to consider, but these companies are not out there trying to sabotage each other purposely. They each have specific agendas that are unique to their company’s point of view.

How Apple Differs From Google
If there’s something that Apple can do better than anyone right now it would be selling hardware by the millions. They have been doing this for decades, and no other tech company has been able to achieve these kinds of numbers year after year. Apple wants to offer you a comfy ecosystem that’s easy to use and works well with all of their devices.

Apple Sure Knows How To Sell Hardware (Business Insider)

They are mostly focused on selling you new hardware rather than solving some of the tech problems we still face today. Apple also lives in the now — they don’t look too far into the future and want to bring the best user experience possible during the present time.

None of this is a bad thing though! Having exceptional devices and services that we can purchase or use right now is always a good thing for everyone. That’s just how they’ve always done business, and no one will tell them otherwise. Times are changing though— perhaps we might see Apple diving into more machine learning apps and services soon enough.

How Google Differs From Apple

Google Is A Problem Solver (Pixabay)

Google has always believed in serving the people and solving real-world problems one step at a time. Many companies are more worried about how they can help themselves, rather than helping others. Not Google, which is why they formed their now parent company, Alphabet.

Some Of The Google Entities Within Alphabet (Wiki Commons)

They have many different divisions for catering to many different crowds. For example, Alphabet recently used their Project Loon LTE balloons to help bring internet service to the Puerto Rico area after Hurricane Maria. The entire island was without power, but many were able to stay in contact with each other because of these balloons.

Project Loon Brings Internet To Everyone (Actiontec)

Believe it or not, but some areas of the world still do not have the luxury of such technology that the rest of us use daily. Google now offers a program called “Android Go” that allows third world countries the ability to use smartphones for the first time.

Android Go Is Such An Important Step Forward (Top Tech News)

These are highly optimized and extremely affordable devices that are helping to bring more of these communities into the world of mobile. Their newest program update called “Android Oreo (Go edition)” even allows for the most current versions of Android at this time.

The AI Powered Google Assistant (Android Central)

Google has also been pushing their AI and machine learning technologies like no other tech company out there. They are leading the way forward and are always looking to improve on current and future services. This dedication is one of the many things that separates them from the other top tech companies out there.

The Pixel 2 Camera Outpaces Dual Cameras (CNET)

For example; the Pixel 2 camera can keep getting better over time as they continue working on the machine learning algorithms that power it. That means the already fantastic camera on the Pixel 2 can get new features and improvements without needing to upgrade to new hardware.

Current Limitations, New Skills
Until hardware technology advances again, there is an actual physical limit to how far we can push our current technologies. Google knows that and is making the necessary changes to drive the industry forward. For the past few years, they have been utilizing their cloud and AI-powered services to achieve this. Their Google Assistant is just one of the many examples of this already being set in motion.

There Are Many Ways To Greet Someone (Pixabay)

They also want to find new ways to improve our personal lives by bringing us into the future with new ideas and concepts. For example, the language barrier is one of the most challenging obstacles we as humans face on a daily basis, especially if we are traveling.

Google Translate Allows Us To Speak With Anyone (Pixabay)

Google has been tackling this issue by using their new machine learning algorithms combined with their Google Translate service. It’s now possible to carry on a conversation with anyone in the world, regardless of their native language.

More Updates Less Upgrades
The yearly hardware upgrades that we are so accustomed to could potentially become less relevant soon enough. Not needing to upgrade our devices so often while still gaining new features would be quite an enticing possibility going forward.

Smartphones Could Become A Service (Pixabay)

Treating the smartphone more as a service and less as a piece of hardware might be the way forward for some. Why? We are slowly getting closer to hitting a physical barrier when it comes to these devices — new features and how powerful we can make them are not as dramatic as they once were.

Google pointed this out during the 2017 Google I/O keynote, which lends even more evidence to the idea of smartphones as a service sometime in the future. Starting in 2018 — we’ll begin seeing more companies introduce their own AI and machine learning apps or services as we advance onward.

The Wrap-Up
Apple and Google have two entirely different views and opinions on how they approach technology. They both have their strengths and a few significant differences, but no one is right or wrong in how they do things. They each have their own company agendas and have never been at war with one another.

There Are No Right Or Wrong Choices (Pixabay)

Apple has a more traditional view of technology and hardware upgrades, while Google is shaking up the industry with their new age way of thinking. Google has taken on quite the challenge for themselves — they are working on being a jack of all trades with a footprint in many different categories. No other tech company is doing this, which makes what they are doing very noble.

Working Together Could Create Something Special (Pixabay)

It would be interesting to see these two tech giants work together to create a universal platform where we can all get along. Imagine a tech world where people act like civil human beings for once instead of starting childish fan wars. Talk about an interesting concept — stranger things have happened though!

Who Knows What The Future Holds (Pixabay)

However, it’s not a likely outcome since too many people have a one-track mind about certain things. Although, we never thought Nintendo would ever develop smartphone games; they certainly surprised us all when they did. The future for both Apple and Google looks very promising, and it’ll be exciting to see what they do next! Maybe they’ll give us a few surprises of their own.

Stephen Perkins

Written by

An expert in technology with a passion for writing. I like to write unique, entertaining, and educational posts about technology and a variety of other topics.

Stephen Perkins

Written by

An expert in technology with a passion for writing. I like to write unique, entertaining, and educational posts about technology and a variety of other topics.

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